Monday, December 04, 2006

Dear Ones in Standing for Life in the midst of the Culture of Death,

Please send your emails and letters.

God bless,


Note: forwarded message attached.

The pharmaceuticals are using aborted children to make many types of vaccines. They have been doing this for many, many years. We can do something about it right now. The FDA has invited the general public [you and me] to respond to them now through December 28th.

'Children of God For Life' organization [COGforLife] has on their web site this easy form to fill out which will go directly to the FDA and to the CDC. Please consider 5 minutes of your time and click here to start:

Here is my own letter that I electronically just sent from the COGforLife web site link above. You can take from my words or use one of the samples below.

"I would like to appeal upon the nation’s vaccine makers to develop, as soon as possible, vaccines that are not cultivated on cells taken from aborted fetuses. The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines made from aborted babies have the ability and know-how to produce versions of these vaccines which do not depend on cell lines from aborted children. The pharmaceutical should be pressured by the FDA to develop those vaccines to meet the health needs of those who have religious and ethical objections to abortion. The FDA has the authority to allow for the licensing and importation of safe and effective ethical alternative vaccines such as Takahashi (rubella) and Aimmugen (Hepatitis A), and it has a moral duty to exercise that authority. Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have a responsibility to address these concerns and provide vaccines that can be used by all." Samples of what you might write to the FDA and the CDC can be very simple, such as the following:As citizens concerned with both moral values and the health of our families, we request government intervention to ensure the creation of vaccines from non-objectionable sources. orWhy should you risk endangering the population as a whole by producing vaccines that a large number of people will refuse out of moral concerns? orWe will promote companies and products that do not use aborted fetal cell lines. We will boycott those that do. orIt is in the best interests of our country to provide ethical vaccines that all Americans may use in good conscience! or There are ethical alternatives to aborted fetal material: Use them or we’ll refuse them!also:
You can in addition get others to sign their names on a petition sheet.

Here's how to do that: download and print a comments form letter Click here: FDA Petition Comment Form for 25 signatures per page for others to sign with room for 25 signatures per page, though it is not necessary to fill all 25 spaces. Use as much as you need!

Send these forms before Dec 15th to Cogforlife [everything must be in to the FDA from COG by Dec. 28th]:
Children of God for Life
4613 Barfield Crescent Rd
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Toll Free Number (stays the same) 877-488-LIFE
Email (stays the same) or<>

One more thing, please consider sending a 'snail mail' letter to the Dept of Health and Human Services [by US Mail only] to:<>Secretary Michael O. LeavittThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services200 Independence Avenue, S.W.Washington, D.C. 20201