Friday, October 02, 2009

Howdy Dear ones,

My phone is on the fritz-intermittent-actually even calling some of you at wild times--it will be that way a few days while I negotiate a proper upgrade price with AT&T--not happy with the first offer. So if you want to respond, email is the best for now.

I have been given the pleasure and privilege of hosting a Table at the October 3rd Gala Event for The White Rose and the Invitation is included below as are a series of notes by the priest--Fr. Tom Eutenueur for those of you who are not familiar with him to get a feel for him. For those of you who trust my opinion--just let me say, he is one of my favorites, and he is head of the largest pro-life organization in the world.

Sorry to only give days notice, but I am coming to you who have not heard of the event or said yes to it as a late entry to try and round up nine loving, willing, able to pay, God-fearing, God-loving, baby-loving, available, fun-loving, wine-drinking, good looking, make me look good at my table sweeties--to be my heroes and sit with me at my now empty table. Think of this as one of those pay to get me out of jail events I always wanted to be a part of but the organizations were always the wrong ones to support--except you get to dress up to the nines, see me in dress shoes, get lots of good wine and food, and support my favorite local charity in the whole diocese.

White Rose Benefit
October 3, 2008--this Saturday
Brookhollow Golf Club
6:30 Drinks and 7:00 Dinner
(if I cannot get you into the Patron Party we will snag a bottle and have a tailgate--be there at 6:30 and I will find the drinks--hey I am a thirsty and crafty kind of guy for my heroes--and since becoming Catholic have become a creative host to fine drinks)
Cost--$150 for the evening and hopes you will want to become a regular giver to the White Rose Woman's Center

How to help me--if you can buy a seat at the table please click on the email below and make your intentions known to Susan st $150 per seat--respond as soon as possible as event is Saturday--not to late to respond and get a seat at the table--contact Susan at 214-455-4357 up to the event.

I suppose you could give any gift or even give the gift of $150 even if you cannot come--but just think how fun it would be for me to show up and find 9 wonderful friends waiting for me at my table for an unforgettable evening of good wine, good food, good fun, good friends, and good works. So here is the deal--write me back any time and visit about anything and everything--but do not write me about this--I will either show up to the only empty table on Saturday for too your sweet faces helping me help you do the wonderful giving for the Culture of Life in the midst of this Culture of Death. Please somebody save me from myself.

I know $150 is a lot of money and this year I am missing for the first time many of these good and noble fun events myself as we all have to cut back on our budgets--I am missing the Seminarian Dinner at $125, dinner with the Bishop of Fort Worth-but this is one opportunity to give I must beg you to attend, and give to if you have tithes, offerings, disposable income, good will giving monies left in your budget this year. Somehow I believe the Bishops and even the wonderful seminarians will plod along--we attend a party or not, but this is the group in the whole diocese who shows up day in and day out and has for the last 24 years to help the women, and the children--to save the babies--to make us real and truthful as Catholics when we say as a Church, we will help, we will care, we will help you...

The White Rose through my good friend John Everett and his sweet wife Gerri have been my good friends since 1994 when they met me as the Rosary Praying Baptist Preacher. I slept on their couch and spent many hours talking about the faith and my love for the Church all the while a Baptist pastor--many a good meal and pro-life event, an all night adoration, rosaries.

When I was making the transition from Baptist to Catholic and it did not go well with some national pro-life groups perceiving that I was "changing sides" it was John Everett, the White Rose, and Carol Everett of the Heidi Group who came to Waco-along with Norma McCorvey who Stood with me and validated the first 100 Days of Waco. The White Rose donated the very first Project Gabriel sign to me to put up in front of my church Mothers Day, 1996 in front of Trinity Church of Waco, Texas and we had babies saved because of the first calls to The White Rose on the Baby Due line and young Baylor co-eds who needed help got it through all our efforts. John Everett was one of my families sponsors into the Church when we came into the Church, Assumption, 1998 and stood with me, as we stood with Norma McCorvey when she came into the Church 2 days later. John Everett stood with us as Norma McCorvey made her great bombshell from my pulpit in May of 1999 at her Bethlehem in Trinity Church-- that she was entering the Catholic Church. And, when surprise, that cost me my job, it was the White Rose through John and his networking me into the Catholic community of Dallas that got me the jobs and connections I have made to become so much a part of this vibrant Catholic community. And it was the White Rose through John and Gerri Everett who saved my life--in October 2000 when horrors of horrors, we lost our beloved Sarah Ruth in an instant in a car wreck--the 14-17th of October are still my black days every year. I cannot say how and what all they did, my heart remains full that when it was too painful to connect to anyone and everyone, they were one couple that kept taking me in, kept taking me under their wing and just loving me through the simple deeds of small talk, Curia gossip, hot sauce and chips--week after week, year after year, one bowl of chips after another.

Those of you who have known my more than 10 years you know my dark days and you know I love you all and owe you all so much for not giving up on me--but for my money in charity giving--my debt of love is here--there are many worthy groups and I say give to them all, come on in, the water is fine--but as I have influence of any kind over you, if you can send anything to this noble group at this time, and stand with me, as I STAND with them in truly saving babies--send what you can, and if you can come and surprise me as my dinner guest at your own nickle--I would be so honored to sit with you and make you look good at this elegant evening.

Having mentioned my sweet Sarah Ruth, and it being so close to the day of her death, and my great loss, I am attaching a couple of sweet pictures of her--please keep us on your HOPE bead in your daily Rosary--the Vinzant family, and Sarah Ruth--and know that I love you all. Again--I do not want to know if you gave or if you are coming--email Susan and let me be surprised.

Anything else, I have much time to visit and would love to catch up with any and all--life makes us all so busy, I am glad to be learning at this stage to slow down, but if you got this you are in my heart, in my holy hours, and in my many prayers.

If you cannot give cash, I understand more then you realize, so just give the love and prayers and let us keep in touch.