Monday, October 16, 2006

Church Etiquette

Church Etiquette Do’s andDon’ts:

Cellular Phones and Pagers--Turn off cellular phones and pagers before entering the Church

Church Dress
Modesty and neatness are encouraged.

Children:No shorts except for the very young. Only clean and tied shoes or sandals. No T-shirts with advertisement. Women: No tank tops. No dresses with only shoulder straps. No low cut tops, no short skirts and no skintight dresses. Men: Coat and tie preferred. Shirts hould be buttoned. Shirts should have collars (the button on the collar may be unbuttoned).

Entering the Church Please arrive on time. If you are late, enter the Church quietly. Face the altar, cross yourself, and quietly find a seat. Do not take the place of someone who is in line for communion. Do not sit where the choir sits. If the Church is full ask an usher to seat you.

Lighting Candles Pickup candles for offering prayers at the entrance. Donations for candles are an expression of appreciation for God’s blessings and grace. Light the candles at the back of the Church and pray, leaving room for others to join you in prayer. Quietly find a seat. There are occasions when candles will not be lit.

Standing vs. Sitting
It is traditional to stand during the whole service if you wish. If not, follow your liturgy book for directions. Arrow pointing down – sit down. Arrow pointing up – Stand up. Arrow at an angle – kneel in prayer.

Talking Inside the Church It is inappropriate to talk in Church during the service or afterwards. Be aware that there may be people still praying while you are leaving.

Crossing Legs
Do not cross your legs in Church. Do not put your feet up - The bottoms of your shoes should not face the altar. Place your feet flat on the floor, and be ready to stand up when needed.
No Food or Drink in ChurchDo not bring food into the Church. Do not chew gum. Do not bring water or other beverages into the sanctuary.

Don’t Go Down the Center Aisle
Do not walk down the center aisle. When you enter the Church go to the right or the left, and go down the side aisles, but never down the center aisle. After taking communion, go through the right or left aisles to return to your seat.

Leaving Before the Dismissal
It is improper to leave before the conclusion of the liturgy. After the final blessing, it is proper to go up to the priest, kiss the Holy Book and cross yourself.

Blot the Lipstick Blot your lipstick before you receive Holy Communion, or kiss the Holy Bible or the Priest’s hand and vestments. Be aware that your lipstick may stain the Bible and the hand or vestments of the Priest.

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