Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This is a monthly event
2nd Tuesday Night Rosary
at Planned Parenthood abortion center, sponsored by TOPP (Texans Opposed to Planned Parenthood)
6:30 p.m., in front of Jason’s Deli at 7412 Greenville Ave., just south of Walnut Hill Lane. After the rosary, we will go into Jason’s Deli for food, Christian fellowship and pro-life discussion. Park in the Jason’s Deli parking lot. This is a monthly event. Contact Daniel Vinzant, 214-566-2298 We meet in one of the booths closest to the doors in the Glassed in Atrium--to the right as you enter Jason's

2nd Saturday Stand for Life at Planned Parenthood after 8:00 AM Mass at St Ann's--carpool and stand prayerfully praying the Rosary and singing--and then breakfast and fellowship afterwards for those who can stay...

Same address for meeting to pray the Rosary on Saturdays at Planned Parenthood--you can park at Jason's and we stand on the little sidewalk under the Presbyterian hospital crosswalk and hold rosarys and pray lovingly and prayerfully. Saddly i can not be there every Saturday--but will be there this Saturday--going to 8:00 AM Mass at St Ann's and then driving down--so being there between 9:00-9:30 and staying till 11:00 AM and then going for breakfast with whoever would like after. If you come this Saturday I can show you the ropes so to speak and take the mystery out of it and hopefully some of you and your groups can pick a Saturday and make it a monthly love gift to the FACE of LOVE.

We have had some wonderful heros there faithfully every Saturday for the last 6 years and they have all fallen ill with serious illnesses this last month--we need some loving, prayerful people to STAND Praying--there is no real contact with people--just a prayerful witness that causes the power of Heaven to show up and do wonders in many lives...

God bless--for Life I hope to see you Saturday,


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