Thursday, December 20, 2007

May you experience the Many Comings of Our Lord Jesus this Advent and during the Season of Christmas 2007
Prayers for a Blessed Advent for you and your family with personal greetings from D. in Coppell for HOPE in believing for you and yours.
Sometimes friends come from unexpected places, but they are life's most special gift! Have a wonderful day, my friend.

I pray for you and your family this Advent that you will truly experience the Many comings of Jesus in your lives
and that as we prepare to Adore Him at Midnight in bitter cold--we shall Adore Him Indeed as Christ the King.

God bless you and yours--you remain in my daily prayers as I sit before a warm fire with hot toddy in hand. Gazing around the room, my eyes are drawn from one to the next of the the nine different Creche sets and watch the progression of the Wise Men as they travel from afar to the baby in the Manger--angels and stockings hanging from the mantle, favorite mercury glass ornaments twinkling on the trees. Candy canes, gold balls, and red beads shimmer on the Norfolk in the kitchen,bowls of nutritionally appropriate goodies and nuts abound--the smell of holiday scented candles--Saint Nicholas and his band of merry Nutcrackers stand guard, and the Angel tree topper from the tree on the dining room bar look down in serene peace. Favorite story books of Christmas stacked high on the coffee table with a new favorite novel I cannot put down flung where left on the couch, Bible and Catechism lying within reach on the floor--and to date I have only made it through number six of the 24 Christmas CD's I listen to every year as the wonderful songs fill the house--the Monks of San Domingo Chants, an Irish Christmas, the Carpenters, Frank, Dino, Burl, Perry--all on first name basis--the Yellowjackets, Celtic,New Age,St John's, Oxford, Mananatha...Charlotte and Michael Crawford----and hope still springs that the stocking will find the newest Josh Groban Christmas CD on Christmas morning (we will see if one of the boys ever actually read these things? LOL).

Starting this Friday night and through the New Year the Glogg will be on the stove--ready to heat , with the drunken raisins at hand to coat the bottom of the cup. Already the tin of tea is at hand and the kettle is kept full of water for cups of hot tea with friends and family as they appear. By the weekend the shortbread and bisconti will be ready, waiting as special treats as well...If you are near by, ring the bell and if not cozy up in front of your own fire or creche as we settle ourselves before the Baby Jesus ourselves----Still, still, still--as we come into the Silence--the language of heaven.

Whether at my side on my very couch or at the feet of the manger in our hearts--you remain ever in my heart and in my Holy Hours--in my HOPE. God bless you everyone.

Daniel and the boys
Pray for the Vinzant's
517 Ashford
Coppell, Tx 75019

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