Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dear Ones,

We STAND together for TRUTH--and so many of you do not know much of my family. For all we do together, I realize I am a very private man. But, you and your friendships and love in Christ make me more and more a better man. Today, on Sarah Ruth's birthday--I wanted to share 3 of my favorite pictures with you my very dear friends and thank you for your love to me and my family and your many prayers for all of us.

I gave my Witness on New Life in Christ for the Crhp team as we prepare for the March 30-31 Renewal weekend--ever mindful of the loss and missteps of my past--ever mindful of the many things done, that can never be undone--ever mindful of the many who will forever view me in light of one single failure or defect or life-event--knowing I can not change the past or anyone's mind--I can only live a life of purgation and repentance for today, tomorrow. to be different, better, real...walking always walking--two steps forward, and one backwards--stumbling forward, stumbling- God willing-heavenward--we fall down, but we get up--walking..."draw me and let us Run together unto HIM"...

God bless you and yours,
You remain in my daily prayers and my Holy Hours,

pray for us:
Sarah Ruth--in the arms of God
Andrew-24 in Coppell
Lewis-22 in Coppell
Jan Vinzant in Waco, Texas

Many blessings to you on the day of her birth;With her smile, sunshine & gladness were given.I know the dear Father prepared her on earth for a beautiful birthday in heaven.

This is a retake of our family birthday blessing that our family friend Barbara wrote for Sarah Ruth's birthday today--she would be 29 today--and entered suddenly and too soon for me into the arms of God on October 14th, 2000 at 21 , asleep in the back seat of a car in a terrible wreck.

Please offer up your HOPE beads for the Vinzant family and pray for Sarah Ruth as I know she prays ever for us....

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