Monday, March 24, 2008

Hi Wayne,

I am wondering if you are ready to share OLS with us for a bit? We are having a rough patch and it would be nice to have her comfort.

If you could pass on my sadness to Team 30. My younger brother--with whom I have had a bit of troubled relationship was struck and killed by a hit and run driver on Thursday night. We did not know until Friday evening when people stared calling because they released his name on the TV without contacting any next of kin---our name is so uncommon and we are all related had they called any Vinzant in Waco we could have told them....

And to compound the horror--which I have not yet gotten my head around yet. He died exactly the next on- ramp from where my precious daughter Sarah Ruth died in 2000--SR and Bryan both between mile marker 317 and 316 on the North bound side of I 35 at Bruceville Eddy before you get to Waco. We do not know why he was there, where his truck is, what had happened to him that night prior to his being hit--he was throw 150 feet and left for dead, alone...

The funeral is tomorrow in Waco at the Pecan Grove Funeral Home--it is a Baptist funeral and the preacher intends to "reach the unsaved" that might be there...I have already endured a very uncomfortable one hour tirade from a grieving relative on the evils of the Catholic church in the Third World where it is full of witchcraft and idolatry and the evils of the Pope for not dealing with it because we make money off them....I refuse to make the day of burring my brother about religion, or a Baptist pastors attempt to save the lost including the family who turned to the Catholics...Pray for us all, but more than all pray for Bryan Vinzant, 50. Pray for my sons--they experience the pain of confusion of the amount of sadness and unpredictability in the world...They have been so good to me and are trying to protect me--they did not want me to find out where he died...

We do live in a Valley of Tears but this Easter season reminds of fresh and a new of the Hope of new life...Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows is a great comfort. The Eastern Church has a beautiful song we sang on Holy Thursday preparing for Good Friday----"Wahabeebee, Wahabeebee"--"Oh my son, Oh my beloved" It is a mournful song sung by Mary to her dying has been a source of comfort to me.

Team 40, I will not make the last Monday meeting and will talk to Jeff Tuesday. I will be available Thursday to go to Confession and the weekend Friday, but after missing Monday and Tuesday of work, will probably need to work Friday....we will catch up after Monday--i was going to let Wayne and Jeff forward this, but once I started typing I got through this so will bcc a lot of you to get this partial message out and will catch up with many of you after the weekend.

The word of this sadness has trickled to many already and the prayers and promises of masses have been a great source of comfort. Jan has been here the whole weekend and is doing the music tomorrow and has been a great comfort. We are burying Bryan very near Sarah Ruth in our family plot.

Please pray for grace to endure the misunderstood--this is another tragedy in/near Waco and unfortunately there are actually those there of such fundamental faith who believe all these things happen because I became Catholic...that the "cup of God's wrath" is a deserved punishment for "turning from truth"...

I more than ever believe that the best evidence of God is that only God can bring Good out of Evil. I cannot imagine such a death, but do look forward to seeing the glimmers of God in the midst of this Sorrow and Tears. God is God and though He slay me, I will trust in God...My family was very blessed to be taken out of the sorrow for 5 hours by Doug and his family hosting us with an extended lunch with Fr. Mitch Pacwa who ministered such incredible comfort to not only me, but especially my sons and Jan. All three have mentioned him and how much they loved being with him Saturday and again for Easter Mass today. He offered Mass today for Bryan too which was such a comfort.

When I saw my sweet, misunderstood little brother's life reduced to 5 sentences and dwell on the fact that he died alone and had been whisked to Dallas for autopsy and was back in the Waco morgue before I even knew he was dead------I thought deeply of the incredible and undeserved gift of your friendships and your love to me--who can be far more disagreeable to love than someone like him. Thank you each that I have bcc'd as you came to mind--forgive the rambling as I throw out an update or your first hearing--for your kindness to me and my family, your prayers of faith, and your HOPE bead for my family...pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen...
your brother in Christ,

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Bryan Keith Vinzant
Bryan Keith Vinzant, 50, of Bellmead, passed away Friday, March 21, 2008. Funeral services will be 2 p.m. Monday, at Pecan Grove Funeral Home, 3124 Robinson Dr. in Waco ,with Mark Dallalio officiating. Burial will follow at Stanford Chapel Cemetery in Hewitt. Bryan was born July 18, 1957, in Waco, to Burl and June Vinzant. He attended Midway schools. He worked many years as a millwright for Commercial Contracting in Rockdale. He was a member of Local Carpenters and Millwright Union. He was preceded in death by his parents; and a niece, Sarah Ruth Vinzant. He is survived by a son, Michael Vinzant of Waco; sister, Alicia Bell of Waco; two brothers, Michael Vinzant and wife, Sandra of Carrollton, and Daniel Vinzant of Coppell, Texas; seven nieces and nephews. July 18, 1957 - March 21, 2008 Sign the Guest Book at

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