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Dear Ones in Standing Just,

I love August 15--The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Mother--this is always like a New Years Day for me--this is our 10th Anniversary into the Church--The Vinzant family on the 15th, Norma McCorvey on the 17th, and Jessie Anne earlier on Easter Vigil. And the boys and I are late in celebrating Andrew's birthday this week as he had his wisdom teeth out last Friday and has been on soft food all week-----------so we are going to hold a table at Ed's New York Deli at 635 and Preston from 5:30--7:30 and visit with anyone who has absolutely nothing better to do on a Friday night and a Holy Day then come bum around with the Vinzant boys.

So, if you would like to come by and laugh with us over God's goodness to sustain us these years of our life as Catholics and all our lives. When we came into the Church a wise priest said--"you should plug into the Dallas Catholic Community--it has so many connections to Life to offer you and your sons..." We started doing that with Miss Norma's grand bash on the 17th and made our final move up in 2000---little did we know that your love would sustain us so deeply in our Valley of Tears---thank you dear friends of the Dallas diocese for taking us into your hearts, and you dear ones in other places who hold us in your daily prayers.

Those of you who have given us your HOPE beads--thanks are never enough--eternal friends--thanks from all my heart and you remain in my feeble prayers.

Daniel, Andrew, and Lewis
Feast of the Assumption, 2008

The following is one of the many encouraging emails I get from very serious, praying friends who have been sustaining prayer warriors for me and my family for years.

Scott sends me encouraging words to live on regularly--below his personal remarks to me is a wonderfully written appeal for the pre-born by his co-worker, Ray that he sent out to many influential friends who happen to be in politics and are pro-choice. This is a worthy article to be shared with many particularly before they cast their votes.

God bless all you and yours do for the Gospel of Life in the midst of this Culture of Death,


I can't say how much I love my brother Ray, especially this day. There were important people on that list that will be shocked at that message (coming from Ray), including a state rep and a U.S. Rep, both of whom are pro-choice.
And I can't say how much love I feel for you knowing the hurt that goes with the work you are doing for your brothers in Christ. It reminds me of my quote of the day from Mother Teresa, "I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."
You entered the church on the feast of the Assumption. Your mother in heaven has a special place in her heart for you!
If you guys have a prayer wheel, I know a good group of men who would want to pray during those hours. Let me know, and I will broadcast it. You will have men from the Valley, San Antonio, Houston, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Cotulla and beyond praying for you and the retreatants.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 9:57 AM
To: Scott Walsh
Subject: Re: Important Teachings from Early Church Fathers

Hi Scott,

This is good--I too will forward to my list--very good.

The Acts retreat here is winding--It is August 21-24.

This is our 10 year anniversary into the Church on the 15th and Jan's Dad moved her out of our home on the 28th of August 1999, while the boys and I were at this very retreat center---so many memories of my own to sort through during my Adoration times as I pray for the retreatents--I believe they have 30 now.

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From: Scott Walsh
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Subject: FW: Important Teachings from Early Church Fathers

Subject: Important Teachings from Early Church Fathers

I hope you will forgive this intrusion into a very sensitive subject, but this email was prompted by a reading I came across this morning in the Liturgy for the Hours.

Often, Catholics and other Christians who are pro-choice believe that abortion is a relatively new procedure, not something Jesus and his apostles had to deal with during their time. When challenged by pro-choice advocates, we are unable to find the word “abortion” mentioned in the Bible.

However, abortion is not new. Abortions were, sadly, fairly common under Roman Law (not surprising, considering all the Roman orgies). Although the Bible does not use the word “abortion”, there are many passages which are interpreted as prohibiting abortion. Those interested in this issue are already familiar with the arguments, as there are many articles and writings which amply use Scripture to support the pro-life position.

Fewer people are aware that there are writings from the early Church fathers, those who are eyewitnesses to the birth of Christianity, which expressly and explicitly condemn abortion. One of those writings is The Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, a writing often quoted near the close of the first century of the Christian era. Chapter 2 of The Didache says, “Thou shall not commit murder, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not commit paederasty (means sexual acts between two males, particularly between an adult male and a young boy), thou shall not commit fornication, thou shall not steal, thou shall not practice magic, thou shall not practice witchcraft, thou shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is begotten, thou shall not covet the things of thy neighbor…” Thus, during the time of Jesus and his apostles, the practice of abortion was considered to be murder.

In addition to the Didache, this morning I came across another writing by one of our early Church fathers which expressly condemns abortion. In today’s Office of Readings (Second Reading, Wednesday, Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time), a writing attributed to Barnabas says, “Do not kill an unborn child through abortion, nor destroy it after birth.” Barnabas had a high position in the early Church, including the rank of an Apostle, and spent much of his time ministering side by side with St. Paul .

I’m not real sure what compelled me to send this email, except that I was one of those Catholics I describe above. Until recently, I held the John Kerry view on abortion: “Personally, I am opposed to abortion, but to each their own.” About five years ago, I started an in depth study of our faith, including a study of the early Church. When I came across the Didache, I was taken aback when I learned the practice of abortion was considered murder by those who personally knew Jesus and by those who were the first leaders of Christianity. It caused me to change my view. I came to realize that my John Kerry position was no more tenable than saying “Personally, I am opposed to murder and stealing, but to each their own.”

Sorry American Catholics, the cafeteria is closed.


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