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Dear Ones in Standing Just for the Gospel of Life in this Culture of Death,

Ah, fall weather is here and that means more long emails from your friend. This is a tough one as it is easy to say more rants and raves from an old, rich, white, male—with a perfect and easy life…

Below in the brackets you will find an exchange between three men in my local men’s group who are passionate for their faith and in interacting with each other. One sent out what he thought was a lovely offer from Purina Chow where they were donating $1 to STOPPING Breast Cancer all the while they were educating the public on Breast Cancer.

The next two are snippets of an exchange where the other two brothers share the sad and irrefutable link between SGK and Planned Parenthood--and worse the continual on-going cover-up between these two, both multi-billion dollar "non-profit, charities" that refuse—absolutely refuse to tell the women public that the number one way to safeguard from getting Breast Cancer is to never have an abortion or use birth control pills.

You may want to make Purina Chow aware that you are not pleased with where they are giving their money for Breast Cancer research. You may want to continue to reach out to the staff of SGK--I am sure each and every one of them are very caring women, to encourage them to publish the many, many studies they have funded and then buried when the research proved this very real link between abortion and Breast Cancer.

Please read the report on the link at the end of the brackets. It does quote the very real fact that SGK gave to the Planned Parent facility of North Texas right here in Dallas--right under the Presbyterian Heart Institute on Greenville and Walnut Hill and tucked behind Jason's Deli--$450,000 as the seed money to buy the $5.2mm building which is where Planned Parenthood performs half of all abortions performed in Dallas County--talk about a link. They were served with eviction notices because of our pro-life efforts and SGK "saved the day" for abortions on demand in Dallas for Planned Parenthood---talk about your Legacies.

Is it not amazing that 40 years ago Breast Cancer was an older woman's horror--and in the last 40 years it has become not only our Grandmothers, but our Mothers and our Sisters horror--it has exploded on the scene in the last 40 years--the same period of time that abortion on demand has been given legal and therefore "moral" status in our country. Of course not every woman who receives the horrible news she has Breast Cancer, has had an abortion--but if we knew the easiest way to "insure" you would not get Breast Cancer, is to not have an abortion---should we not tell women that? Planned Parenthood's response is that they will never tell of the link because it is medically irresponsible--Medically irresponsible you ask how? Why, silly, medically irresponsible because it promotes fear--the fear that they may have done something to make them self predisposed to Breast Cancer. Of course this is the same Planned Parenthood who instead of saying you could save yourself from horrible pain and suffering from many diseases by not having sex outside of marriage--found it easier to just change the name--you no longer have a Sexually Transmitted Disease--you now have a Sexually Transmitted Virus--a virus is something you catch, it is not your fault--even though it is the same disease you could never get without having had sex with an infected partner in the first place.

Again, this is info we want to get out to you and hopefully you will get out to your family and friends. Think how many lives it can save.

But most importantly--as pro-life Catholics we are not single issue. The primary goal in this educational piece is to offer love, support, care, and help to women in need. We are not against Breast Cancer research, we are not against stopping Breast Cancer--we hate Breast Cancer and the horrible pain and suffering that comes with this horrible illness. And there are many good organizations out there that do spend all their dollars on the care and cure of Breast Cancer--it amazes me that with a billion plus dollars, the SGK would be choosing to give their money to Planned Parenthood and to studies that keep trying to obscure or dilute the studies that show this very real link. Why are they not putting the billion into helping women in need avoid the horror of abortion--knowing what it could do to them in making them so susceptible to Breast Cancer and even death?

Remember the women-- love, serve, help and care for the hurting women--without judgment. Offer them the loving arms and shoulders to cry on--reminding them as we ourselves have been reminded--there is nothing we have done, no where we have been, or no one we have been with--that the Loving FATHER in HEAVEN is not willing to forgive, but HE stands with ARMS of Love saying Come Home my child, come home...

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Please pass it along to everyone you know ... Thanks!!
Wed Oct 8, 2008 5:21 am (PDT)
Attached please find the humanist theology of Margaret Sanger - the founder of abortion by design to liberate women, group sex with multiple partners, and birth control pills - all of which Planned Parenthood facilitates, all of which cause breast cancer, all of which funded by Komen Foundation.

Please be aware that the Susan G. Komen foundation is one of Planned Parenthood's' largest contributors. They also refuse to publish the connection between abortion and an increase in the risk of breast cancer.
http://www.lifeissu komen/fact_ sheet.pdf
The next part was actually compiled and written to a local company who is sponsoring SGK in this month of Breast Cancer awareness—it is incredibly well written with great facts and kindness. I was simply able to copy and paste it over into my email so you could use this as wonderful template in contacting many companies as you see their involvement with SGK.

We need to get this important message out to so many—there are simply too many people who believe that Planned Parenthood is a good and caring medical charity.
They in fact are the largest abortion facility in the world—they simply kill more children than any other organization in the entire world and they do so with your hard earned tax monies. SGK has had every opportunity to break the relationship with Planned Parenthood and continues to resist sharing this very important information—this real link and incredibly horrific medical fact, that having an abortion dramatically increases your chances of contracting Breast Cancer. In a world that seems intent on personal choices, does it not make sense to give people the right information so they can truly make the personal choice that may not only save untold emotional damage and the life of their very real baby—but save their very own life too?

To: Dr. Delphinium Customer Service,
I have retained and recommended Dr. Delphinium's services for many years for gifts to friends and colleagues. Their creative artistry is beyond compare and service unquestionably reliable. I am sorry to say that I will no longer be able to use or recommend Dr. Delphinium's services in the future because of the advertised support for Susan G. Komen. Please respectfully reconsider support for Susan G. Komen Foundation and Race for the Cure (see information below).
Please remove me from your email list or any future emails.
Thank you.

1) Susan G. Komen gives large amounts of money to Planned Parenthood which is Interesting because the two most avoidable causes of breast cancer are elective abortion and estrogen birth control medication. (Research sited below) Planned Parenthood provides both of these services/medications to their clients. Susan G. Komen does not and will not warn women that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer.

2) Susan G. Komen has been secretive, i.e. does not openly advertise their financial/donor relationship with Planned Parenthood to the public and removed those links on their websites; which raises further question about the ethics of this organization.
3) It has already been proven from 29 out of 38 studies Abortion has a link to Breast Cancer. Thirty years ago Breast Cancer was known ONLY as a Older Woman's Disease. With the introduction of the predominant use of contraception & abortion in the late 60's and early 70's, Breast Cancer suddenly also became a Younger Woman's Disease.

Links to research/ studies:

ABC Summary
ABC Research
Texas Passes Law Warning Women of Possible Breast Cancer Risk Prior to Abortion:


More info:

The Coalition's History
Abortion - A Preventable Risk Factor
Two Ways That Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk
1) Delayed First Term Pregnancy, Childlessness, Fewer Births, Decreased Breastfeeding
• The Strongest Protective Factor
• Increased Childbearing and Breastfeeding
2) The Independent Link
• Biological Evidence
• Estrogen - "The Smoking Gun"
• Biological Explanation for the Link
Epidemiological Research
• World's Only Comprehensive Review and Meta-Analysis
• Number of Additional Breast Cancer Cases
• Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
• Janet Daling, et al. 1994
• The 1997 and 1999 Melbye Studies
• Expert Testimony From the Center For Reproductive Law and Policy
The National Cancer Institute
Medical Authorities Acknowledge Link Privately, Not Publicly
Women's Right to Sue
Significance of the Risk
A Health Care Time Bomb
World's First Known Abortion-Breast Cancer Settlement
A Woman's Right to Know

I have held the hands of too many good women who have left their families and loved ones far too early as a result of this horrendous disease. I long as you all do to see cancer conquered, eradicated, and extinct. Many of my personal heroes are those who have bravely and silently suffered and survived these hard battles with cancer. And my heart has been rent too many times saying Goodbye to those who did not win the fight in this life, but who bravely fought the good fight as long as their body would let them, for just one more day with the ones they loved in this life. I have cried over so many. I love women, all women. And I must continue to raise a cry even though often misunderstood on this issue—whatever you think of these two, Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen—you must as people of good will admit and realize they must stop the lies, deceit, and abuse of women by withholding this very real life-saving information from each and every woman. Do not have an abortion and increase your chance of living a life without the horror of Breast Cancer. My heart aches for the woman who in reading this realizes what she might face in the future because of a private and painful decision she made in the past without the medical facts like this that may have helped her avoid that past regret. Talk to your Doctor, research these studies and links and inform yourselves with the facts of diet and exercise that may help give you an edge away from these statistics—hope and pray. The information we are trying to arm women with for their future choices should not be meant to be an irreversible judgment on you because of your past. I HOPE and pray every day to a real and loving God of Mercy over many of the Regrets of my past. I pray for mercy. But, now knowing this information should there not be an outcry to SGK and to Planned Parenthood that they put their billions to real research to find a Cure and to tell the truth about the very real ways that a woman can practically avoid Breast Cancer now by not having an abortion?
For Life—the preborn, the babies in the womb, the children, all women (who I love), the men, the young, the old, the infirm, those dying of illness and disease, those fighting the illnesses that plague mankind, the poor, the illegal, the immigrant, the solider on any side, the victims of war, those who rule the political systems, the disenfranchised, the unbeliever, those without hope, the displaced, those discriminated against—from conception, to birth, to death—and all the many issues that plague mankind and need us to step up and offer help—Stand and do what you can in the land of the living.
Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary…Pray for us now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

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