Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the midst of tragedy, we pray, we sigh for the suffering, we gather deeper into our friends, and we find the giggles where we can

This is a real life picture of adult children of my very good friends--and they are all unique and yet such good friends of each other--I love being near them.
They are a good picture example of the below article-open, read, and work at adding such friends to your circle of influence.
Excellent and very timely with all the tragedy in the immediate world today--my heart still grieves for the loss of innocence to have a wonderful day of tradition and all round fun like the Boston Marathon weekend--the wounded and the dead there, and now the devastation in West-the little town I have worshiped in, done funerals in, weddings, had the best meals, the best of pastries and coffees and sausages-the best of times for my whole life.

It is so painfully true that we do not yet have the great reliance of the people of Western Europe who get up the next day, and amiss tears, sweep the sidewalk and start again--and with good friends and a little wine or something even tastier and stronger-they find a crack of a smile, a laugh, even a giggle--we sigh and offer our prayers and whatever else help-blood donations, clothes, open our homes to those in need and devastated.

So, here in the midst of prayers and sacramental works of mercy, charity, and healing--I offer a good read and some practical advice on preparing yourself against future horror and evil that is always so terribly sufficient to the day--the five types of friends you need to make you better, more real, and most prepared to meet the day--and HELLO-I am not just meant to be the Older friend in your life--although I fail in the wiser, more self-disciplined, and refined bit-Sorry.

I am glad to say I have all 5 types--although if you are one of the really younger ones you KNOW just how hard it is to get on my dance card for that-giggles, and I am still not sorry for that.  Sorry for many things in my life, but not sorry for having tough requirements for the under 30 friend in my circle of friends. And for the atheist--yes you do make me a better Christian and a better person--but I will be sure to get you to Heaven in the end-Do you hear Me?

We cry for the poor, the suffering, and the needy-We do our sacraments acts of mercy and penance,
but we daily look for the giggles where we can--I have openings for 3 more friends--apply soon.

In prayer and with giggles,

And to make the last point clearly.
While we Stand praying for the suffering, we look for giggles where we can.
Poor Mickey indeed.

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