Sunday, February 26, 2017

Miss Norma Sunday reflections

I shared this privately with Miss Norma's son in law Friday night at the viewing as I thanked him for the Bob Marley Three Little Birds and we reminisced over song memories we know Miss Norma loved-telling him when they let me know Saturday last no need to drive down as Miss Norma had gone peacefully....that after my prayers and tears, the first song I went to in my reflections of dear, sweet Miss Norma was this song because I was with Miss Norma so often where she had the opportunity to call out truth in the same manner in her own unique style.

I mean this in no irreverence to Miss Norma but in the certain and sure knowledge that for all these years there were two distinct sides of an ongoing culture divide who chose to win or use Miss Norma for their advantage or cause-and I have now lived silently through a week of article after article still wanting to frame Miss Norma-her life, her believes, her lifestyle, what she did or did not truly believe, why she did or did not do what she did or did not do.....but Miss Norma lived her life true to herself and loved deeply those she loved-and called out those when she felt they needed to be called out, and I will always be changed and better for her colorful life and just who she was behavior.....perhaps the saddest of all privileged people are those who believe we all-any of us can be put into little boxes-carefully labeled  and cookie cutter shaped-that was not Miss Norma for all you have written what/who you think she really was or what she really thought. Sad for you that you never really knew her...

(This is a You Tube clip-i did not make nor do I own it...)

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