Monday, April 02, 2007

Dear Brothers,

Here are my prayers for you and your family as you have a very meaningful Holy Week. What a joy for so many of us to be able to participate in the CRHP 38 Lunch and Candle Mass on Saturday. We will have our new schdeule out soon after Holy Week and hope to see more and more of you we have been missing.

Each year I try to take a few speical friends to a very special event--Holy Thursday in Lewisville at our Lady of Lebanon--I figrue the numbers are great enough at our home church, that no one will miss us for one evening eh. Do try to come and call if you have any questions.

My former Spiritual Director, our beloved Father Pacwa from EWTN is do to be there for Holy Week and you will love meeting him and then they have Confessions till Midnight with him if you would like to do that. He stays to the very last penitant is done--always much after Midnight.

God bless,


see notes below
Brothers,A reminder and a some notes: Reminder, Holy Thursday at Our Lady of Lebanon in Lewisville at 7pm. can find the address and a map at their website. I hope to see many of you there.Three main notes for those of you who have never attended a Maronite service:1. Communion is by Tincture. That means the Priest dips the Host in the wine and puts the Host in your mouth. So don't hold your hands up because you will look silly. :)2. The sign of peace starts at the Altar and then is spread to the congregation. Basically the Priest gives the sign of peace to the Altar servers and then the Altar servers go to the first person in each row and it spreads from there. Just don't sit in the first row and all you have to do is watch and do what everyone else does.3. The standing, sitting, kneeling is a little different. Again just watch and follow.I hope each of you has a blessed Holy week.


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