Monday, April 30, 2007

A little Monday humor.

Hope the pic comes out---you know what they say: "If you wants to be Impotent you gots to dress Impoent." hehehe

This is Daniel with Jennifer O'Neil of the Summer of 42 movie--you go boy.

Actually Jennifer was in town for the annual CPLC Bishop of Dallas Pro-Life Banquet 2007 as the Keynote Speaker and we were hanging out at the reception with the Bishop and his friends--good times had by all.

I do look forward to fishing with him at his lake and we wish him God's speed in spending lots of time in that boat down South--thanks be to God.
Hope some of you can make it again Wednesday for the Adult Ed--such a treat to have good friends in the audience. I am speaking on the Credo as a catechism for our faith.
God bless,

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