Friday, May 08, 2009

Dear ones,

I know you find it hard to believe--but another year has flown by. I still have a few-- last pounds-- to lose to make the swimming suit season--heheheh. And I have not yet convinced any of you I am a stellar athlete. But, soon you will see--I am working with the best classically trained Homeopath--Jacqulyn Dudasko--and I feel Good. :) Ask me about her and a referral.

Every year the first of May I come and ask you to sponsor me as I Walk For Life. You know that I am quite a strong proponent for the Gospel of Life, but for some reason some of my heavier contributors want pictures as proof that I actually do my own walking for this event--like I could ever bark orders and get anyone to do anything for me anyway--woo daddy.

I know gas is more expensive, and we are near-- riots in the streets over grocery prices and shortages--it takes a lot of work to make a living, and you are asked to give--more and more everyday. But, as my dear friends, you know I ask you to pray most and speak of funds very shyly.

Let me just say--this group lead by my very dear friend Kyleen Wright needs our help.
She has more fiduciary responsibility than any other group I know in the pro-life movement in doing lots with little. Her salary is little and she takes no high-priced junkets to events or conferences. She simply runs back and forth to Austin appealing to the law makers to do the right thing for our children, the unborn and the sick, the infirm and the elderly.

She along with my small group was one of the only brave groups to stand against the Big Names and the famous Big Guns of the "pro-life' movement to make sure bad language and even worse laws were added to the Texas futile care bill--a very badly written law. We still have work to do--but she made it easier to sleep at night knowing that "medical ethics" were not so easily going to be able to with-hold nutrition and hydration from the sick and dying...Thank you Miss Kyleen.

What a perfect day of service come Saturday--I will be helping with the Bar-b-Que for Life at St. Ann's where the best BBQ in the world is being prepared with love by Greg and his band of brothers, and my wonderful friend Jeff Vaughan and all his hard work in sales and marketing each campaign--the Knights of Columbus--200 beautiful briskets--with specific proceeds going to the favorite of my heart-- the White Rose Woman's Center--where for over 25 years they have served and helped over 2000+ girls and children in crisis each year--well over 45,000 women and children as the only Catholic first line of defense to serve the crisis pregnant women of Dallas. They have stood in the gap as close to the gates of hell for all the years--at one time the Blessed Tabernacle of Our Lord-- only one wall between Him and the killing room of Arron's Abortion facility.

I love it when Gerri comes out each year and the Knights present her with the White Rose check in honor of John Everett, her husband who died three years ago May 5th after 17 years of being Director of the White Rose and St. Joseph's Helpers. God bless you Gerri and Mary and Sue and all of our wonderful friends at the White Rose. Thanks for being on the front lines of saving babies and helping women chose a better life.

It was at John's bed-side his last week on this side--when he said "you will join the Knights and let me be your sponsor"--thanks to his request I am part of the most vibrant council in the diocese-3rd Degree.

And while the brisket is at its highest glory--offering that sweet smell and aroma as a sacrifice of prayers for God to heal our lands, I will do my two+ mile walk for Texans for Life right there at St Ann's. Thank you Kyleen for all you do to make me feel that God has chosen for the world to go on for a little longer. God bless you and all your wonderful volunteers.

And thank you Knights of Columbus--the largest pro-life organization in the world and the giver of more funds to pro-life than anyone else in cash and sweat equity for the Gospel of Life. I know you are one of the largest givers to the White Rose-- who like all my favorite pro-life works depends on each and every love gift given in Jesus' name to spread the Gospel of Life.

All you have to do is email back and tell me the amount you want to sponsor. That is it. Texans for Life will send you a collection of your pledge later in the month. If you have not sponsored me before, if you will add your address so they can contact you. Trust me--I am very careful with my pennies. This is an organization like the White Rose --that I whole-heartily like to support with my gifts and my efforts. Help me help you with your Gospel of Life gifts--I will do the walking and sweating--can you drop me a line so I can turn in a good amount of funds to this years Walk for Life?

God bless you all and if you would like to come and walk with me as we admire those wonderful smells this Saturday, give me a call.



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